Friday, March 3, 2017

I've Got Nothing

Today has been rough. No sleep. No energy. Feeling a little defeated and slightly unaccomplished. I've tried to write two blogs and realized about halfway through both of them no one wants to read that garbage. Hell, no one really reads the stuff that I think is good. LOL
This is why I don't write. I've never cared for it, mostly because I've never felt I was creative enough. And when I do think I have something good to write about, it comes out as a hot mess. It definitely doesn't help that I don't write properly anyway. For Pete's sake, I can barely articulate my words in a face to face conversation. I'm just not good at it.

I've been working so hard on starting up my business and while the back side has been falling into place, the actual taking pictures hasn't been what I thought it might be. Of course I'm mostly to blame as I haven't been pushing the issue of doing it. I'm not making excuses. I have my goals and know what I want to do. I know the path to achieving most of them and it will start in a couple of weeks with racing season.

So I think I'm going to take a little bit of break from this. I need to clear my head and get things in order. I want to make it worth YOUR time to read what I say and I don't feel like I've been very good at it as of late, if ever. When racing starts, maybe I'll have more to talk about, maybe that's the kick in the ass that I need. 

I want to thank everyone that does read this; I have a feeling there are more people that appreciate what I say than I believe so it is those people that I will keep in mind when I start this back up. I hope no one feels like they aren't important to me, that's the furthest from the truth, I really just want to make sure I put out quality stuff.


  1. Thumbs up. I don't think that comes off the same without the actual thumb.