Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"All My Friends"

What a great birthday weekend!!! Lot's of amazing food made by my wife; lots, I mean LOTS of adult beverages; and the kind of surprise lunch/brunch with my friends, it's the thought that counts for sure. I'm super grateful and blessed to be so lucky to have met some really amazing people in my life to help celebrate the good times and pick me up when I get knocked down.

I don't even know where to start. Between all of the celebrating here with my family and friends or the over 150 Facebook posts, texts, and calls wishing me well and happy birthday; I am truly overwhelmed, in a good way, with all of the kind words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Friday we celebrated me officially starting to get my photography business off of the ground. While it wasn't anything elaborate, I wouldn't want it that way anyway, it was great! If I could have changed one thing about it, I wish that more people that helped me get this point could have been here to share that with me. There are so many that have supported me from day one and I really wish I could shake their hand and say thank you one more time.

Saturday was relaxing. A little cleaning here, a little laundry there, then it was NFL Playoff football time. It was nice seeing the Seahawks take one on the chin, all though I like Russell Wilson. The Patriots won, not surprisingly, but the Texans did better than I expected. The Pats winning was a good thing since we went to watch that game at one of my wife's friend's house and he is a huge Pats fan. His wife did her thing with the food too. I swear to god, in my best Donnie Baker voice, I had 10 chicken tacos with some awesome homemade guacamole! LOL

Sunday, well Sunday was interesting. Woke up a bit early and wanted to watch TV. See, Saturday was the running of the 2017 Chili Bowl Nationals (huge indoor midget race car event) and I had to record it because we weren't home. Since I wasn't able to watch it, I put myself on a Facebook ban as to not spoil what happens. I've had so many discussions about Facebook and first airings of shows lately it isn't even funny. Pro Tip: be responsible for yourself and just stay off Facebook if you can't watch the show; someone will always ruin it; I've been that guy! LOL

After that I got a random text from my neighbor asking to borrow my stud finder at the most inopportune time, at least in my head anyway, and he also requested my presence. So I ran upstairs to put some sweat pants on with a wife beater and a sweater. I walk in and two of my buddies are there like, "let's go, we are going to lunch." I was like what?!?! LOL Here I was thinking I was going to get some "quality" time with my wife and my neighbors were kidnapping me for a birthday lunch. HAHA...guess what, my wife was in on it too!

Their plan didn't go off without a hitch, and it was quite amusing, but it was the effort and thought that counts. We ended up going to World of Beer and had a great time. I was able to enjoy a flight from the local breweries and a few other select beers while shooting the shit with some pretty amazingly cool guys.Thank you very much Jake, Jason, Eric, and their wives! 

Great times with great people. We spent the evening together drinking, laughing, and being marry. No it was literally like that. When we get together it is always a great time. Usually you will end up with a headache. You will either drink too much or you will laugh so hard, could be a combination of the two, but it is a great time.

My final thoughts. My life has truly been a wild roller coaster. I've had a lot of highs thanks to the amazing friends that I have had. From my childhood friends that I still talk to and visit to this day, to the friends you meet along the way during our time in the military. Korea, El Paso, San Antonio, West Point, and now Bragg; these are the people that have helped get me out of my usually self inflicted lows in life. I lean on these people not because I want to take advantage of them but because I know I can count on them. I've said it before and I will continue to say it, I'm very blessed for the friendships that I have made. I hope that everyone of them thinks the same of me and my family.

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