Thursday, August 31, 2017

Upcoming Schedule

Hey, everyone! I just wanted to get some information out of my upcoming schedule for events that I am planning on shooting. Of course, this is all subject to change, but it will give you all an idea of my commitment to supporting the sport we all love. I have my limitations due to my wife being in the Army and the unpredictable work schedule but I will do as much as possible to work around that to attend as many events as possible.

  • 31 Aug- Fayetteville Motor Speedway for The I-95 Late Model Challenge (postponed due to weather)
  • 2 Sept- County Line Raceway for The I-95 Late Model Challenge
  • 8 Sept- Fayetteville Motor Speedway for Friday Night Fights
  • 9 Sept- Dublin Motor Speedway for the SEDMS
  • 29-30 Sept- Fayetteve Motor Speedway for the Carolina Clash*
  • 6 Oct- 311 Motor Speedway for the USLMS*
  • 7 Oct- Dublin Motor Speedway for the USLMS*
  • 20-21 Oct- Fayetteville Motor Speedway for the Cash Money 100*
  • 12-4 Nov- The Dirt Track at Charlotte WoO Finals*
  • 10-11 Nov- County Line Raceway for the FUEL Racing Series*
  • 18-19 Nov- Cherokee Speedway for the Carolina Clash Blue/Gray 100*

The Charlotte and Cherokee races are long, very long, shots but something that I have been interested in for a little while now. I know there a lot of limitations to all of the tentative races, especially those two events, and me being relatively unknown in the area exacerbates that.


WoO Finals (see The Dirt Track at Charlotte)

*-tentative (subject to approval)
SEDMS- South East Dirt Modified Series
USLMS- Ultimate Super Late Model Series
WoO- World of Outlaws

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