Thursday, November 30, 2017

2017 Year in Review

Well, that's, that. 2017 is in the books for me and I can say actually say that I already miss the planning, scheduling, organizing, and traveling, among other things. Honestly, though, the biggest part I miss is the sites, sounds, and the building of relationships at the track. 2017 didn't go exactly as planned, hell it wasn't even close, but I still feel that it was somewhat successful, especially in the something to build off of area; it's funny how things work sometimes; expected or not. So, without further ado, let's see just how big of a geek I am and let me break down my season.

I love stats, I'm not a statistician, but I love to keep them and break them down; to a fault sometimes. This year was a great year for me in that area since I started my business back in January and figured I would put my dorkiness to good use and track as much as I could of the races that I hoped to or would attend.

2017 Racing Stats

  • I originally had 20 potential races penciled in and 14 of those were in the "most likely" category. After everything was said and done, I attended 23 total races.
  • Of the 20 original potentials I was able to grow the schedule as the season moved forward and with rain outs added in 23 would have been 31 total races

Credential Counts

  • 30 total credentialed races
  • 11 via series, 6 via, 3, 8 through tracks, and 2 through other sanctioning bodies

Tracks, Series, and Travel

I used a go/no go system for deciding what races I would like to attend or ones that I could possibly attend by creating a spreadsheet of 3 series that would end up growing by 3 more series and individual track races.
  • 3507 miles and 77.5 hours traveled from March to November.
  • I attended races in NC (20), TN (1), VA (2) 
  • I attended 9 Fayetteville Motor Speedway races and the other 14 races were at 7 other tracks.
  •  I was able to cover 7 different series, and at least 2 partial mini series races.
  • I was able to cover 6 SEDMS races, 4 USLMS races, 3 FUEL Racing Series races, 2 I-95 Challenge races, and 1 each of the LODLMS and WoOLMS races (both at FMS).
So that pretty much covers it all. I can't say how appreciative and thankful I am of the opportunities afforded to me by the various media outlets, series, sanctioning bodies, and tracks. I really hope that I did well by all of the aforementioned, sponsors, and drivers.

I have already started planning out 2018 and will hopefully be able to do at least what I did this year but hopefully expand by a dozen or so more races across the country, more to follow on that.

Congratulations if you have made it this far! This proves that I'm not the only dork in the racing family and I appreciate every one of you. LOL

What "year in review" would be complete without a dedicated publication for it? This year I have created two calendars celebrating the top 13 in SEDMS points and my top 13 pictures and/or drivers over the course of the year.

Cover for SEDMS Calendar

Images in SEDMS Calendar
Cover of favorite photos/drivers in 2017 Calendar

The images in 2017 Calendar
Both calendars are $19.99 and found using this link. There are bulk discounts (15+) so please contact me if you need to place a bulk order or need any assistance.



Fayetteville Motor Speedway

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