Wednesday, September 6, 2017

OPINION: Let's Say Thank You

Being a promoter is an often thankless job that almost no one understands the importance of one until they shutter the doors. Even then, most people will point the finger at the promoter as being at fault for the demise when it is often things they can't control that end up bring a close to the facility or series; rain outs, scheduling conflicts with other events in the area or tracks, or deaths in the family, just to name a few. Just because you don't run a night, it doesn't mean the bills don't have to be paid and that would imply that most promoters want to run as often as possible.

As the racing season is winding down I want to take a moment to touch on something that everyone should take into consideration as points battles heat up in the various tracks, series, or challenges around the country. Keeping in mind absolutely none of us are perfect, most of us are in no way, shape, or form up to anything nefarious when it comes to your battles, whatever that may be. Tracks or series stand to gain a lot more from a positive points battle than they do with one that is obscured in perceived injustices; the later of the two can cause devastating effects.

I don't know any track or series promoter that looks at the weather and says, "Hey, let's call the races early so as to screw [insert driver here] in their points battle." It's not like that at all. As a matter of fact, most will do as much as they possibly can to try to get the races in. I saw some questionable comments in regards to this past weekends I-95 Late Model Challenge races that were called due to the weather forecasts. Unfortunately, it seems the only way a tracks/series can be vindicated is when the track floods; and that's a problem.

Instead of bashing a track or series, take the time and shoot a message to say thank you for your attempts. Saying something positive about a track or series is a lot more helpful to everyone, especially here during crunch time. Respond their social media posts to help draw more publicity to what they are posting about. Take a moment and hit that like or share button and join in on the conversations. We all have a small part in the success, or failure, of tracks and series and these, are a few of the things we can do to help out.

I'm only bringing this up because I know a lot of drivers have a lot of time and money invested up to this point in the season. I just want them to remember that promoters have just as much, if not more, invested as well. We all need tracks and series to survive so the drivers have places to compete; neither can do without the other. Taking a moment to recognize the positives will help encourage some much needed positive growth in our sport.

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