Friday, January 13, 2017

Let's Jump!

If you don't know, I'm kind of a Facebook fanatic. Sure it has it's downside with all of the negative, hyper-political, and shamming posts that you will come across or see day-to-day; but it can also have a very positive use. Staying connected to family; connecting with friends from your childhood; and every once in awhile you will find a "diamond in the rough" posts or people that reminds you that there are good people in the world that do want to see you succeed in life.

Last year I came across one of those "diamond in the rough" posts from the comedian/actor Steve Harvey. The video is him speaking to the audience after a taping of Family Feud about living life to the fullest, called Jump. He implores them to take a risk and stop just going through the motions of life and do something to LIVE life. It was truly and eye opening six minute video that I would encourage you to watch.

The significance of that video is it showed up in my "On this Day" section today from exactly one year ago today. Today I am going to attempt to jump and hopefully, if all goes as planned, take the first step(s) in getting the process started and have my business up and running by next week by. I'm nervous like a bride or groom on their wedding day. I don't expect this to be easy but I do expect this to be fulfilling. 

For years now I have had some of my family and friends telling me how good of a job I do and some of them have suggested that I start my own business. I could think of a 1001 reasons as to why I shouldn't but I can't do that anymore. I need to do this for me, my family, and for my friends that believe in me and my abilities. I know and expect that I will be knocked down and battered from this venture. But I also know that I have survived so much more in my life and have always come back stronger than ever; this should be no different.

If you are reading this, I hope that you have seen some of my work and believe I can do it as well. If you haven't seen my stuff, I hope that you have nothing but well wishes for me to succeed; and while you're at it, you should check out what I have done; shameless plug LOL

To my family and friends: Thank you! Without all of the support and encouragement you have shown me I wouldn't be doing this. I really owe this to you guys for having so much faith in me and I will honestly be forever grateful no matter the outcome.