Thursday, January 12, 2017

She Tried to Hide the Evidence

My wife works a lot of hours, I mean a lot. Typically she is out the door and on her way before 0600 and usually doesn't get home until after 1700, or 5PM for you civilians. LOL We also don't live close to her job so she either has to take lunch or she can choose from a variety of fast food restaurants near where she works. Well the other day she decided she would go eat at a local eatery.

Normally my wife doesn't communicate with me while at work but this week has been a little different because she has been in class. She calls me when she is headed to lunch on Wednesday and we are discussing some of the upcoming things that are in the works. She tells me she is on here way to Burger King for lunch, probably me least favorite, as we are talking. We finish just like any other conversation and I go about my business doing whatever it is I feel like calling business that day.

So the same thing happens yesterday. She calls me when she is on her lunch break and we are talking about random stuff, which is pretty typical, and she blurts out,"Oh hey. Remember when I said I was going to BK for the lunch the other day?" I said, "Of course I do." I swear I remember the weirdest stuff. She continues, "Well I didn't eat there. When I got to there I noticed a drive thru window with only a couple of cars in line and decided to go eat there." I said, "OK. What was it?" She says, " It was Arby's!" followed by a wicked laugh. You know, the one like "I got you busta" kind of laugh. I said, "You hater, you did what!?!?!" She went on to explain to me how and why all of the while still laughing. Why am I telling you this? My wife knows I LOVE Arby's. I even went as far as telling her that she knows I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and while I'm telling her that she just continued to laugh. I'm not complaining that she was laughing at me. I love to hear her laugh and I love to see her smile, even if it is at my expense sometimes.

Wives and ladies, you should stop reading here; fellas, continue...

Yesterday the trash needed to be taken out and just like always I took care of it.

OK ladies, you can continue...

When I took the trash out I noticed this in the bin. So what, it's an Arby's cup, who cares? Well no one really. I just thought it was funny that had she not called me 10 minutes prior to that then I would have never have known that it was in there. Had she not told me, I probably would been upset because she knows how much I love that place and didn't bring me any. For all I knew she could have had dinner there Wednesday night. LOL

Nothing earth shattering, just something comical, at least to me. My wife doesn't think I'm too funny but when I told her I was going to blog about it she chuckled a bit, probably because she knew how silly it was going to be. LOL

I have several things on my "to do list" today and you can bet that if I'm anywhere near and Arby's that I'll be having my lunch there. I just have to remember to do what my wife did and throw it away in the outside can; I don't want our kids to get mad at me for not bringing them any. LOL

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