Friday, January 20, 2017

"High Fidelity" style Top 5's

How many of you have seen the movie High Fidelity? I think it's a pretty good movie that I take away the music more than the romantic comedy part from it. Jack Black does a phenomenal job in it and I would say that it is the movie that arguably made his career. The other part that I take way, and why I am referencing it, is the Top 5 lists the create on various music topics, hence why I think I like it more for the music than the romantic theme. I like the movie so much that I actually own the soundtrack in CD format. LOL

My favorite part of the movie is when John Cusack plays a song by the Beta Band called Dry the Rain. Here's a clip:
Tell me you didn't just start bobbing your head a little bit. LOL

I would like to start doing my own "Top 5" lists. These could be Top 5 insert topic that could cover a wide range of things. I would like to keep it racing related, since it is my biggest passion, but I would also consider pop culture and food related topics; me and my wife are kind of foodies. Yesterday I put out an APB on my personal Facebook page to kind of get some ideas and I would like to extend that to this blog and my other social media accounts.

I hope to just invoke conversation so you can continue to get to know me and so that I can hopefully learn more about you. The idea behind this is to be fun and interactive and to hopefully tie together ALL of my social media into one conversation at any given time.

So let me hear it. What would be some of your ideas for Top 5 lists? 

Here is a link to the entire Dry the Rain song by the Beta Band.

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