Tuesday, January 24, 2017

20 Year Class Reunion

Don't ask me why but this morning I woke up feeling in a somewhat nostalgic mood. I can't explain it but I followed it and got me to thinking even more about an impending anniversary that I honestly can't believe is really upon us, our 20th year class reunion; shout out to class of '97!!!
Damn 20 years seem to have flown by when I think about it in a glance. But then I think about all that has happened since I've graduated and it really feels like it has been forever ago, like it took forever to turn 16 or 21. I've had some serious, I mean seriously, bad times when I didn't even know how I was going to live to some super spectacular times such as meeting my wonderful wife and starting our own little beautiful family. I've seen a lot of lows, mostly self inflicted, and a lot of highs that I love to brag about. But my high school experience isn't one of those bragging memories. 

I'm not complaining but it wasn't very memorable for me. I pretty much flew under the radar with my teachers and friends and I don't think I would change that for anything. A class as a whole, well in my opinion we were pretty much a bunch of slackers. Any one of my classmates that reads this I'll point out the lack of effort for prom fundraising. LOL The crazy thing is we had some very bright, outgoing people that were just bound to make a difference in the world. But the people, like myself, that were just biding our time far outweighed those gifted people.

In time you would think some of that would have changed. Come to find out, nothing really changed after high school as far as group effort is concerned. I wasn't able to make it to our ten year reunion. I had just got out of the Army, recently PCSd with my wife, and just started a job a few months before the festivities. I'm sure my situation isn't unique but I'm not sure that was shared by many either. It seems a lot of people never really left the area so the contribution COULD have been a lot better into making it more successful. I'm not saying it was a lack of effort by those that were putting it on, I can only imagine the undertaking it was to coordinate, contact, and collect for it; let's just say I don't believe I missed anything there. It was the other people that could have shown more interest or helped out a little more that I blame for not being a bigger deal than it was. While the meet and greet at the bar sounds like it was a success, of course, the reunion part really wasn't.

So that brings me to today. I asked around about our 20th and it seems like the interest just isn't there by the people that put in on ten years ago; and I don't blame them. My situation has completely changed and I actually have the opportunity for max participation in a pretty important milestone in people's lives and I may not be able to experience that...again. I'm not bitter, nor surprised, just a little let down. When I go to visit my family in the area, I really only go to see them and about four other friends from my class and that is because we talk on a somewhat regular basis. As far as the rest, in some cases we are friends on Facebook and we really don't communicate there; a far greater amount of my classmates I haven't seen or spoken of in 20 years.

I'm in no position to blame anyone because I am just as guilty as they are. And like I said, I pretty much flew beneath the radar then so I don't expect to be on many people's minds or tongues now. It would be nice to catch up with some people so I can hear their life stories, yes I would be really interested in hearing; I'm a huge dork like that. LOL It seems to me that many people aren't as interested in sharing or hearing other people's stories. No blame, I understand everyone isn't as dorky as me, it just seems most people haven't really changed their ways from high school to now. 

To my fellow classmates that read this, I want you to know this isn't a blame thing; this is just me thinking out loud. I know the fault falls on my shoulders just as much as anyone else's. I hope there is a change in heart over the next few weeks so we can at least have a get together so I can hear your stories and see how you are doing just as much as I would like to tell you more about me. Much love to all of you!!! #Bloodhounds97

I want to pose this question to the rest of my readers: how does your class compare to how I just described my class?

To everyone: do you think that because we CAN be connected so easily with a variety of social media platforms that maybe we use it as a crutch for keeping up with people?


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