Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Shameless Self Promotion

This blog, as new as it is to me, is not my only way of communicating with people that follow my work. I use just about all of the mainstream social media platforms and I try to use each one in different way.

I feel it is important to try to connect with people that follow me. The way I look at it is, if they took to time out to comment on a photo or topic, then I need to take just as much time to acknowledge that. A simple "like" or thumbs up usually doesn't count in my books, although there are some instances where those are unavoidable and perfectly acceptable. It's like my birthday on Facebook. I may get 75 or so people wishing me happy birthday so I make it my mission to say at least thank you to ever last one of them. They found it important enough to acknowledge my birthday, I can take the time to at least thank them for that. So which platforms do I use and for what?

The Facebook Pages are my go to. I can post pictures to galleries, re post relative news and or information, and it is probably the easiest one for me to use. I try to keep it very professional and you will rarely see me post anything on my JBHotShots FB about my family and friends and you can forget about anything political unless it deals with photography or racing. We get enough political crap everyday in our personal FB feeds; which I'm sure we are all tired of. My James Brabson Photo page you will see the landscape and portrait work that I do as well as other posts trying to connect with my followers.

I have Twitter and Instagram which are kind of linked. Anything I post on IG gets re posted to Twitter but it isn't backwards compatible. With both of these platforms I get a lot more personal than I do on my Facebook pages. But my Twitter and IG, let's just say don't be too surprised by what you see; I'm still just like you guys. LOL.. You will see the wide variety of adult beverages that me and my friends try; you will see a lot of food because me and my wife are foodies; and really just a lot of other random stuff.

I have a Google+ page but I rarely use it; it just really hasn't caught on like FB but I LOVE the way it displays my images. I also have a Flickr account that I just started but I don't foresee myself using it all that often. 

No matter which platform, I'd like to think of myself as approachable and love to have conversations about the topics at hand. With my recent move I think that I will be able to use them more to showcase my racing photography as I have plans to make quite a few more events this year that I have in the past 3 years combined.

If you have made it this far than I suppose you are wondering where all of the links are to the aforementioned accounts. Look no further, my bored friend, you must be if you read all of that.

I'm always doing what I can to keep everyone interested no matter where I post and would love to have you follow me everywhere!

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