Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Do What?

What in the world is all the fuss about over Valentine's Day? I mean, does anyone really need a day to show their undying love for their significant other? I don't, at least not in the way most others celebrate it. No fancy dinners; no gifts; no chocolates, jewelry, or flowers. My wife is a simple woman, in a good way, and it really pays off on days like yesterday. While most other people were scrambling around for their gifts, I tried to win her heart over with a couple of her favorites.

No we didn't go see a movie or even go out to eat. I spent a measly $27 at Walmart and put a little work in the kitchen. Being in the kitchen is a pretty normal thing for me so that part was nothing new but it was the thoughtfulness I put into dinner is what I was banking on. 

Now if any of you know my wife you know that she loves food; I'd say she is a moderate foodie. LOL But two of her absolute favorites are tacos and beer and that is what I made for her for dinner. LOL Yep, good ol' carne asada tacos with some ice cold Bud Light. LOL Go ahead and laugh it up, because I know you are, but that's like a get out of jail free card in this house. LOL

The disappointing thing was they didn't have the right cut of meat for what we know is typically used but I grabbed something pretty close. I even got some white onion and cilantro to cut up and put on it just like El Charro in San Antonio, her favorite, and used some of the hot salsa she made and canned last week.


So I wrote that all last night before she got home and I didn't tell her what was going on before hand and I believe I need to be 100% honest with you. When she got home and settled in, I had just started cooking and let's just say that she was less than impressed with my dinner. Not so much the dinner itself but the occasion. I guess that's what I get for blurting out "Happy Valentine's Day" to someone that truly doesn't care for it. And here I thought I was matching her thoughtfulness from our anniversary. LOL

Oh well, dinner was good and the beer was cold and that is all that mattered. I hope you all had better success than I did. LOL 

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