Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Motivation Is a Powerful Thing

To say that I am motivated would be an understatement. Actually, I don't even know if that is possible, let me go check. OK, so I checked and it is my belief that motivated is the pinnacle of drive. 

I can't say that any one thing in particular got my mentality to where it is at right now, but the past few weeks of winning the little battles have inspired me to be better. Now let me be perfectly clear, I know I am far from perfect, or even good, in every aspect of my life. Everything from being a husband to father and son; lord only knows that I can be a flaky friend at best sometimes. It's not like I mean to be but I can be so driven, or motivated, by a singular thing that I falter in other parts of my life. It's my flaw. It's just part of who I am, and have always been this way. Do I like it? Hell no! I have hurt some people along the way but I don't think this makes me a horrible, or even a bad person. If you talk to some of my family and friends, I believe they will tell you that overall I'm a descent person. They may even tell you I'm a good person but that's because they are better people than I am that find the good in everything.

I want to change that, right here and right now. I want to strive for greatness in ALL aspects of my life making me a better person, husband, father, son, friend, and more. I think me starting this business has really been the kick in the ass that I so desperately needed. I'm motivated to things today that four weeks ago I wanted no part of. Hell, I even want to go to the gym and shoot some hoops and I can't even stand basketball! What in the hell is wrong with me?!?! LOL But that is to help explain how motivated I feel like I am right now. I know I can't right the wrongs in my past but I can take those wrongs and learn from them to do right in the future. Maybe things do get better with age; hang on babe, we can hope! LOL I know that this is all over the place but this is who I am. LOL

So what motivates you? Is it your future, your past, or are you like I was several months ago and stuck in rut? Find your passion(s) and pursue the shit out of them! Surround yourself with like minded people that will stand behind you no matter what but will also let you know when you are in the wrong. Love unconditionally and strive to be better everyday by winning the small battles. I think that by winning those small battles one at a time that eventually you will learn how to win the bigger ones leading to great success.

I want to leave you with something I read by a friend on Facebook, "Today's Luke-Ism......Someone once told me not to bite off more than I can chew ,I told them I'd rather choke on greatness the nibble on mediocrity"[sic] Very accurate on where I am in my mindset.

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